Cessna Citation CJ2+ and CJ3

The CJ2+ is an aircraft designed to be both economical and high performing; the aircraft offers a range of 1680 nautical miles and a cruise speed of 478 miles per hour.

The aircraft cabin was designed with extra sound proofing for a quieter flight and the three baggage compartments can carry up to 74 cubic feet of luggage.

The CJ3 is a reliable and popular aircraft. With a range of 1,875 nautical miles it can make trips from London Luton to the Canary Islands, Larnaka and Moscow with ease. With a longer cabin this provides extra space allowing for additional leg room for a more comfortable journey. For the business traveller this is an ideal aircraft for performance, reliability and speed.

The aircraft has a large baggage compartment which alone can take approximately 65 cubic feet of luggage.

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