4 August 2022

As we enter August, the demand for business jets and private charters shows no signs of abating. There is no better way to begin your trip in ultimate luxury, than with a private jet. At Air Charter Scotland, we are constantly busy dispatching our light and medium cabin sized aircraft, to and from small regional UK airports and dedicated business hubs. These airports aren’t experiencing the workforce issues that the busy, popular airport hubs are right now.   

Delays and cancellations have alas become synonymous for commercial short haul travel, exacerbated by lack of baggage handlers, and ground/cabin crew.  There is also strike action coming this month from Ryanair (France and Spain) and easyJet (Spain) which will affect many travellers plans.

This week, British Airways have announced they are temporarily suspending their ticket sales on domestic & European routes until 15th August – to get around the 100,000 per day passenger cap that has just been enforced at Heathrow – due to increased demand for air travel. Meanwhile, there’s also congestion and frustration at French customs in Dover. All of this disruption couldn’t have happened at more inconvenient timing in the peak holiday season when people want to explore the world, de-stress on a relaxing beach holiday and visit loved ones afar.

If you have your dream holiday in mind, cherished anniversary, big birthday or an overseas wedding on the horizon and concerns about reliability or getting delayed – why not give our on demand charter a try? We have welcomed a raft of new users who are now planning their own itineraries, discovering our Empty Legs and returning with us with a very positive experience.  

Private air charter is now more affordable than you think! Plan your next trip and book your private journey in the skies with us.