We’ve placed sustainability at the core of our business and are continuously investing in programs to optimise operations and digitise processes throughout our organisation.

To demonstrate our commitment, the company has made a significant financial investment to global sustainability projects working with our sustainability partner SouthPole. These include; a Biogas project in Banga, Thailand, a solar energy project in Vietnam and a Cookstoves and clean energy project in Haiti.

A sustainability employee team has been formed to enable sustainable integration into everything we do helping the company reach their goals. 

It is our policy to:

  • Be Carbon Neutral by 2030
  • Recycle as much waste material as possible
  • Integrate recycling points company-wide
  • Use video & audio conferencing for internal & external meetings
  • Use of low emission electric company transport
  • Purchase environmentally friendly products


The opportunity to save our planet is now, we are committed to the following:

  • We made the decision to offset all of our flights – meaning our flying is now helping to support a hydro power water project located on the Du River in Hubei Province in China and also supporting our private jet clientele to reduce their carbon emissions. 
  • Net Zero goals and partnering with South Pole who has developed climate action projects, innovative tools for finance, APIs for automation.
  • Sustainability projects – You can keep up-to-date on projects we support on our news page, such as the Du River in Hubei Province of China, where we supported a new hydropower water project to supply clean energy and drive down harmful pollution for the local community. Find out more information here.
  • Our Environmental Policy communicates our commitment to comprehensive environmental management. It defines the scope and key areas for address and is subject to annual review.


SAF is a liquid and clean substitute for fossil jet fuel. Produced from sustainable resources like waste oils and agricultural residues, the use of SAF in its neat form can result in a carbon emission reduction of up to 80% compared to conventional jet fuel.

We are compensating for the emissions generated from our fuel consumption with leading sustainability solution experts, South Pole. Air Charter Scotland supports projects around the wellbeing of communities we fly to.

We are also continuing actions to explore additional Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) procurement opportunities worldwide and monitor the development in this area.

Contact our team to support the adoption of SAF together and help to make a difference.