Travel considerations with Air Charter Scotland

Symptoms – 
Passengers will be assessed for their fitness to fly before booking is accepted, mainly to assess whether they are physically suitable for this specific flight.

Confirmed or suspected cases or those who can pose potential health risks should not be transported on the same plane carrying healthy passengers, and in general, close contacts should not be transported on the same plane carrying healthy passengers either.

A health questionnaire may be provided to complete.

Temperature – 
Alert Air Charter Scotland if passengers have reported any of these specific symptoms:

• Fever
• Fever AND one of the following:
persistent cough
difficulty breathing
appears obviously unwell

Reason for travel – 
What is the reason for travel?
Passengers are reminded that all non-essential travel to certain destinations may now have ceased.

Air Charter Scotland will need to demonstrate an authentic reason for travel and may ask you for evidence of this. 

Face masks – 
Face masks will be required and worn at all times by all passengers for the duration of the flight, please bring your own masks before flight and ensure they are worn before boarding our aircraft.

Passengers are required to wear a surgical mask or facial mask with better filtration effects throughout the journey, and in case of N95 masks, the ones without breathing valves should be used.

Hand washing – 
Hands must be washed and / or sanitised immediately prior to donning and immediately after removing and disposing of the mask.

When removed, used masks must be disposed of responsibly. It is important to be aware, however, that the wearing of masks by healthy persons in a non-medical environment has not in any way been proven to lessen the risk of contraction of COVID-19.

All other precautions and preventative measures to include common sense, distancing and good hygiene practices must still be observed at all times and caution must be issued in regard to the wearing of masks presenting a ‘false sense of security’ of being any less at risk of virus contraction.

Cabin Services – 
Until further notice, the following restrictions on delivery of Cabin Service must be observed on all flights for the protection of operating Flight Crew and passengers:

  • Where daily newspapers or periodicals are provided these will be provided for each customer, and removed after flight in order to limit cross-infection.
  • Fresh newspapers will be provided for each customer.
  • Passengers must dispose of all personal waste themselves in the aircraft into the suitable waste container.
  • Any personal tissues should be placed in the separate onboard bag. Passengers must use on-board hand sanitisers and alcohol wipes as necessary.
  • The forward galley areas should remain as ‘clear’ areas – passengers are not to congregating in the galley area at any time, unless in an emergency.
  • Pilots will give trip updates to passengers over the PA system to avoid any personal contact and will visually check cabin from time to time from the cockpit position.
  • Catering will be served (where possible) in pre-prepared, sealed box set-ups, with disposable flatware and cutlery in order to reduce handling and potential cross-infection.

Post travel expectations – 
You may be required to:

  • Self- isolate for 14 days or quarantine.
  • Provide your personal contact details on arrival at any specific destination.
  • You may be met by local Border Agency Officers and they may ask you to fill in a form to complete.
  • You may be required to hand your completed form and identification documents to the Border Agency Officers when requested.
  • You may also be provided with information about self-isolation requirements according to local authority requirements, this may be a legal requirement.
  • You may need to go straight home from the airport and must not leave your accommodation for 14 days, please check your destination requirements before booking any trips.

Please check the latest Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice with regard to any essential travel.

Air Charter Scotland follows the recommendations of the WHO and government agencies.

Finally, a reminder: “Owing to the current Coronavirus outbreak, Governments and Health Authorities are urging everyone to take steps to reduce the risk of it spreading. Please ensure that you keep your hands clean by washing them thoroughly for 20 seconds with soap and water or an alcohol hand sanitiser, and that you catch your coughs and sneezes in a tissue, which you then bin before washing your hands. Everyone is urged to follow the latest recommendations on social distancing. Should you have any concerns that you are displaying symptoms, you should immediately self-isolate and seek medical advice.”