Air Charter Scotland is proud to be a DEFRA approved operator. This means that we are authorised to carry pets weighing less than 8kgs on board, to DEFRA approved airports.

We can inform you of the latest rules and regulations regarding pet travel on-board private jets and the UK airports that can clear your pet into the country.


  • Your pet must be microchipped
  • Your pet must be vaccinated against rabies
  • Your pet must have a pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate
  • If travelling from a listed country, a declaration confirming you are not selling your pet or transferring ownership
  • Dogs must have a Tapeworm treatment
  • You must use an approved transport company and an approved route (unless travelling between the UK and Ireland)

Additional rules apply if you’re entering or returning with your pet to the UK or another EU country from an unlisted country.

Pets must be secured for take-off and landing in a suitable container that can be stowed safely. For full information regarding pet travel please contact us.


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