13 June 2023

Air Charter Scotland are partnering with South Pole on global energy initiatives.

Air Charter Scotland, is proud to be supporting Global sustainability provider, South Pole as part of the projects in emission reduction, renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable land-use they help facilitate..

It is teaming with global sustainability consultancy South Pole on two energy projects. The first is to capture and repurpose harmful methane emissions to create a cleaner energy in Banga, Thailand.

In the forests at the foot of the Phu Pan hills, cassava starch is processed and grown. These starch processing factories place a significant strain on the environment. Large amounts of water are needed to wash the cassava; once used this wastewater is left in open-air lagoons where it releases pungent-smelling methane emissions. As well as smelling bad, methane is a greenhouse gas 25-26 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

The Bangna Biogas Project upgrades how the wastewater is treated by replacing an old open lagoon with a modern, environmentally-friendly system. This means that instead of escaping into the atmosphere, the methane is captured. This is then used as a sustainable energy source to generate electricity, which can be used to power the factory or be sold to the national power grid.

The second energy project is a solar solution in Siam, Thailand. Solar is poised to play a crucial role in Thailand’s clean energy transition. The Siam Solar Energy 1 project bundles 10 solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants. This project reduces Thailand’s reliance on imported energy and drives both national and regional economic growth. Aside from meeting the energy demands of regional Thai communities, the project improves local infrastructure and provides employment opportunities for local skilled and unskilled workers in manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance of equipment.

Air Charter Scotland has committed to financing ongoing positive impact initiatives both in the UK and globally as part of our to progress towards a sustainable future for the business.

As a leader in private charter, we understand that to drive a sustainable long-term recovery in the industry and to remain a priority across aviation’s value chain; we must continue to facilitate the global mission to achieve net zero by 2050.

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