Air Charter Scotland add CJ2+ to our growing fleet

21 May 2024

Air Charter Scotland were delighted to welcome a new addition to the fleet, with our Cessna Citation CJ2+.

Our CJ2+ is our 13th aircraft and promises comfort, safety, luxury and exclusivity synonymous with Air Charter Scotland.

It is a popular jet option for business and short European flights; the CJ2+ has a maximum distance of up to 1,780nm or 3,298km and seats up to six. This aircraft is the perfect addition to our fleet, alongside our Citation CJ1 and twin Citation CJ2 jets.

Take a flight from London to a range of destinations around Europe in less than three hours. This aircraft joins us at the perfect time, with a busy summer of sporting entertainment ahead.

June sees the Monaco Grand Prix and the beginning of UEFA Euro 2024. Make sure your plans are set for the 17th edition of Europe’s continental football championships taking place across Germany, with the hosts taking on Scotland in the opening game in Munich on the 14th.

The following month of July, sees France taking centre stage as over 10,000 of the world’s greatest athletes head to Paris in pursuit of gold.

Whatever your reason for crossing the continent, Air Charter Scotland’s fleet – including our Citation CJ2 can get you closer to the action across Europe and with the increased air traffic, we recommend securing your charter as early as possible. Our operations team are ready to navigate any challenges this summer. 

Our client services team can also arrange onward ground or helicopter transfers, plus a host of concierge services at your destination. 

Contact our charter desk today to discuss your requirements.

Air Charter Scotland’s Sustainability Mission Report

1 March 2024

Through 2023 we continued to place sustainability at the core of our business and are continuously investing in programs to optimise operations and digitise processes throughout our organisation. To further demonstrate our commitment, the company has made a significant financial investment to global sustainability projects working with our sustainability partner SouthPole.

Throughout the past decade we have invested and supported a range of projects across the world, including:

● A biogas project in Banga, Thailand;
● A solar energy project in Vietnam;
● Cookstoves and clean energy projects in Haiti;
● The installation of a new hydropower dam in the Du River in the Hubei Province of China.

This commitment to sustainability is something we take seriously at Air Charter Scotland, so much so that it is written into our Environmental Policy. This communicates our commitment to comprehensive environmental management, defines the scope and key areas for address and is subject to annual review.

Our commitment has so far seen us:

  • Utilising low emission transport
  • Reducing paper use where possible & moving toward digital operations
  • using a sustainable supply chain
  • Maximise recycling where possible

It’s a sustainability journey that we are excited to continue into 2024 and beyond. And with the assistance and support of South Pole, we look forward to updating you on the projects we support.

Where is your journey taking you?

7 February 2024

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the reasons we fly are as varied as the destinations we travel to. At Air Charter Scotland we strive to make each journey more than a flight, going the extra mile to provide an exclusive experience, everytime. 

As such, there’s no one size fits all solution when you charter with us. 

Best for –  European Ski Season

The European ski season traditionally runs from November to April. Countries such as Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria see an increase in visitors as they head to the slopes. 


The Cessna Citation XL is a popular, versatile mid-sized cabin class ideal for short to mid range flights. Its take off and landing capabilities allows this private jet access into many short runways. Accommodating up to eight passengers, it can reach Chambery in around 1 hour 30 minutes. 


The Citation Latitude is the first aircraft in its class to push the comfort level while keeping you connected. A low cabin altitude keeps you feeling refreshed while the generous baggage compartment is spacious enough to accommodate your luggage wherever you’re going. 

Best for – Transatlantic Travel

Crossing the Atlantic takes a little longer than reaching Europe, so comfort is perhaps even more important. Luckily, our fleet is capable of providing levels of luxury that you and your travel partners would expect. 


A highly advanced long-range jet, offering a largest-in-class cabin, galley and luggage capacity the Legacy 650 is great for larger groups to dine or rest in style.

It boasts a state-of-the-art sound system, premium seats and impressive low cabin noise ensuring maximum comfort for up to 13 passengers. 


The Praetor 600 is the world’s most disruptive and technologically advanced super-midsize private jet. 

From its class-leading cabin comfort, including best-in-class cabin altitude and standard HEPA filters to a best-in-class range, the Praetor 600 delivers enviable performance even in challenging airports. 

The Praetor 600 truly expands your journey and experience. 


The Dassault Falcon 7X is a technologically advanced business jet with an elegant, whisper-quiet executive cabin. 

From nose to tail, wingtip to wingtip, it is pure elegance, efficiency, and performance. The Falcon’s excellent nonstop range and unique ability to land at small airports gets its 16 passengers closer to their destination.

Whatever your next destination, make sure you enjoy the journey. Contact the Air Charter Scotland sales team on +44 (0) 203 598 5392 or email

A look back – and ahead from Derek

23 January 2024

It’s been a busy start to the new year. As such, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you who helped make 2023 such a memorable year. I wanted to share with you some of our highlights of 2023, and what we are looking forward to in 2024. 

Last year saw us soar to new heights. We expanded our fleet, reaffirmed and increased our sustainability goals, exhibited at ACE23 and were shortlisted for a national award. 

Spreading our wings

January brought the news that we were to offer the Embraer Praetor 600 business jet for charter. New additions continued in August, with a Cessna Citation XL joining the Air Charter Scotland fleet, joined later in the year by a Cessna Citation CJ1. 


We made the decision to offset all of our flights and continue partnering with leading climate consultancy and project developer South Pole; Air Charter Scotland is progressing towards a sustainable future and to be carbon neutral by 2030.

We have continued to invest in programs around the world to address our operations’ emissions while channelling critical finance to climate action projects that reduce CO₂ from the atmosphere and also create a company-wide environmentally conscious culture with a paperless cockpit and finance department, low-emission electric company transport and moving towards an eco-conscious supply chain. 


The annual Air Charter Expo continues to be a highlight on our calendar, with 2023 seeing us welcome conference goers aboard one of our most recognisable jets, the Big Dog. It is always a fantastic opportunity to catch up with our aviation industry peers and friends. We are already looking forward to returning to Biggin Hill for ACE24. 

Award Shorlisted

A testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved with Air Charter Scotland, September saw us shortlisted for ‘Executive Passenger Charter Operator of the Year’ as part of the 2023 Air Charter Excellence awards. It was a huge honour to be nominated and shortlisted for the national award. I would like to place on record my thanks to everyone who supported us with nominations, and to our team who continue to provide the best possible experience for our clients.  

2024 promises to be just as memorable as last year, with a worldwide calendar filled with sporting events, MICE and business travel and exploration.  

Football’s UEFA European Championships head to Germany with Scotland among the 24 nations hoping to secure a place in the final in Berlin’s Olympiastadion on July 24th. 

Away from sport, the business world continues to turn, with conferences and meetings ongoing and with so much international business, Air Charter Scotland offers an excellent choice of private jets for both short and longer inter-continental journeys. 

Whatever your reason for travelling, it’s our goal to make sure you enjoy the journey – whatever 2024 may have in store for you.

Here’s to 2024,


How Air Charter Scotland ensure safety is a priority

8 December 2023

While our business is the private aviation and charter flight business, one of the things Air Charter Scotland prides itself on is our exemplary aviation safety record. We have earned a reputation as one of the safest and most respected private jet operators, maintaining our fleet to uncompromising safety standards.

For our clients, it’s about enjoying the journey as well as the destination, knowing that when travelling with us, they’ll be doing so safely and with peace of mind. 

Air Operators Certificate (AOC)

Aircraft operators must gain an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) to operate private jet charter flights.The thorough process investigates an operator’s competence in the safe operation of an aircraft. This involves a review of the company safety policy, management and organisational competence, with maintenance, training, fuel planning and flight planning examined. 

Air Charter Scotland maintains two AOCs held, one in the UK and the other in Malta. These are regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and Transport Malta, respectively. 

Aircraft Maintenance and CAMO

All aircraft managed by Air Charter Scotland are listed on our approved maintenance programme and maintained to the highest possible standards. We provide full CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation) support.

It’s a CAMO’s responsibility to keep an aircraft airworthy, planning and coordinating all maintenance activity, including forecasting planned maintenance, carrying out reliability assessments and ensuring the maintenance is completed within planned downtime. 

This ensures owners that their assets are being properly maintained. For us, building this trust with owners is an important aspect of how Air Charter Scotland operates.  

Pilots & Crew

Both in the air and on the ground, we have a dedicated and experienced team. They operate under the strictest regulations overseen by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority, Transport Malta and the European Aviation Safety Agency. As an operator of public transport flights, we not only meet the same safety standards as Europe’s largest airlines, we strive to better them.

All Air Charter Scotland flights consist of two fully trained and experienced pilots, backed up by our senior flight operations management team who risk assess every flight.

Like any Airline, our flight crew training syllabus involves an in-depth simulator and ground based training at no less than six monthly intervals. Specialist training for low visibility operations, oceanic operations and unique mountainous airports are regularly undertaken and always completed to the highest of standards. 

Our commitment to safety extends to our cabin crew. They are fully safety trained and attested crew members, meaning that they undergo a full safety training program when joining us.

To see our dedication to safety for yourself on your next charter flight, contact Air Charter Scotland on +44 (0) 203 598 5392 or email

Supporting Efficient Cooking Solutions: Improving Livelihoods and Reducing Greenhouse Gases in Haiti   

6 July 2023

Air Charter Scotland is proud to work with South Pole as part of our sustainability program. We are collaborating with South Pole on their Efficient Cooking Solutions project, specifically targeting the reduction of deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions in Haiti. 

In Haiti, over 90% of the population relies on charcoal stoves for cooking, resulting in the consumption of approximately 1.4 million tonnes of charcoal annually. This heavy reliance on charcoal contributes significantly to deforestation and soil erosion, while also releasing substantial amounts of planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

Furthermore, the use of traditional charcoal stoves poses health risks due to the indoor pollutants they generate.

The Efficient Cooking Solutions project tackles the environmental and social issues caused by charcoal-based stoves in Haiti by promoting access to cleaner, more affordable, and efficient cooking solutions. 

The project focuses on distributing improved charcoal stoves, liquified petroleum gas stoves, and solar lanterns. With a vast distribution network, these solutions become accessible to a large portion of Haiti’s population. By providing healthier and cleaner cooking alternatives, the project reduces the demand for charcoal, consequently preventing the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Air Charter Scotland is committed to supporting impactful projects that bring positive change, both in the UK and globally, as we strive toward a sustainable future as a business. 

As a leader in private charter aviation, we recognise the importance of driving long-term sustainability in the industry. We are dedicated to facilitating the global mission to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Contact Air Charter Scotland’s dedicated team to create your bespoke private jet charter trip. By choosing Air Charter Scotland, you experience luxurious and efficient travel and also contribute to our sustainable initiatives and projects that make a real difference globally.