5 October 2020

The ongoing pandemic has had devastating effects on many British industries, not least the travel industry. For those who still have to continue with essential travel, for example as part of their employment, there is a solution. At Air Charter Scotland we are continuing to provide private jet charter for essential travel or other exempt trips.

If you’re concerned about travel restrictions or regularly changing legislation, speak to us about our private jet charter and aircraft management services. Our friendly flight team are on hand to offer travel advice including:
• Restrictions in specific destinations
• Hygiene policies
• Self-isolation practices.
We’ll offer you guidance so that you can get to your destination without a worry.

Why a private jet charter is safer
While commercial flights often have passenger numbers in three figures, a private flight offers a far more intimate experience, with space for up to nine passengers. Larger, more spacious seating areas also offer better social distancing, with the peace of mind of stringent hygiene policies and regularly tested crews.

Many people want to or need to move around over this period, and airports and borders are still open. This is a good time for making plans later in December or into next year, to visit family and friends, or to plan Christmas and New Year or winter holidays. We’re expecting a strong demand to travel again, once the restrictions are lifted. What’s more, the private experience starts long before the plane itself, as it provides clients much more control over their travel experience. We’ll guide you through, from the moment of arrival at the airport to the private lounge and into your seat – maintaining social distancing measures at all
times, and avoiding many touch points that are inevitable with commercial travel.

Every aircraft is equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can keep in touch with your loved ones and check for any updates at your destination.

Keeping you safe with our COVID-19 procedures
To keep Britain moving throughout the pandemic, we’ve devised our own COVID-19 procedures, which we will update in line with government guidelines.

Checking your ‘fitness to fly’
All passengers will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire to assess their suitability for the flight. If we feel that one passenger may pose a risk to others, we will kindly offer alternatives. Please do not take this personally – we owe it to our passengers and crew to maintain a safety-first approach.

We will alert Air Charter Scotland if our passengers present one or more of the following symptoms:
• Fever
• Persistent cough
• Difficulty breathing.
We’ll also operate stringent checks to determine your reason for travel. We may ask for proof of “essential” travel.

During the flight
We ask all passengers to provide their own face masks and wear them for the duration of the journey. N95 masks should not have breathing valves. We advise surgical or facial masks with optimum filtration effectiveness. Handwashing is encouraged whenever removing or donning masks, and we ask that you dispose of your mask responsibly.

Services during the flight
Our staff teams are on hand to give you the most comfortable experience possible. Please note that we have had to make some changes to our customer service for your safety, namely:
• Newspapers cannot be shared between customers
• Hand sanitisers and alcohol wipes are provided
• Galley areas will be kept clear
• All updates will be delivered over the PA system rather than in person
• Catering is prepared in advance to reduce handling.

After your flight
Depending on your destination, we will keep you informed with the latest isolation guidelines, and any additional paperwork you may have to fill in. Please note, Air Charter Scotland follows guidance from the WHO and government agencies. Our first duty is to the safety of our passengers, and we appreciate your patience throughout this time. Read our full COVID-19 travel policy here.