8 August 2021

Flying by private jet is so much more than simply a means of getting from A to B. Whether you’re travelling for business, active adventures, or some much-needed time away, Air Charter Scotland prides itself on creating unique and memorable flying experiences for our discerning clients – the experience of arriving well is a key part of that journey. 

As a leading private jet operator, we have extensive knowledge of the world’s airports, with our pilots undergoing the required additional training to land at many exclusive destinations. Our team of private aviation advisors are always on hand to advise clients when it comes to selecting the most suitable airport to match their requirements. With worldwide travel now cautiously resuming, we welcome the recent government announcement with further exciting destinations added to the Green List.

Reaching these exclusive destinations by private jet charter has many advantages. Not only will your flight be faster, easier and more comfortable, you’ll have the added benefit of selecting the most convenient airport for your departure and arrival.

We challenged our team to pick their top 5 most window seat-worthy runways and airport approaches from across the world.

Our top 5 most memorable runways

1. Gibraltar International Airport, UK

On Spain’s Southern coast lies the British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar, famed for its 426m high rock, and its unusual airport! Winston Churchill Avenue is the main arterial road that heads towards the Spanish border and cuts directly through the airport. Via a tunnel? We hear you ask, no, directly through the airport, meaning that the road needs to be shut down each time an aircraft arrives or departs.

2. Barra Airport, Scotland

We’ve all been making the most of staycations while international travel has been on hold, exploring the best of what the UK has to offer. Located off the Western tip of Scotland is Barra, an idyllic island in the Outer Hebrides with a most unique runway. It’s only five feet above sea level on a beach. In fact, Barra airport is the only transport hub in the world where scheduled flights use a tidal beach to take off and land and pilots often have to navigate severe weather conditions.

3. Nice Airport, France

If you’re taking a trip to the Côte d’Azur on France’s South-east coast, you’re most likely to arrive via Nice airport. The five-star hot spots Monaco, Cannes and St. Tropez are all minutes away from the one of the world’s most fashionable runways
and the descent into the French Riviera is unlike any other. The mountainous coastline rolls into the Mediterranean Sea and the runway appears to rise purposefully out of the sky-blue waters. So, whether you’re heading to the destination du jour for the year-round sunshine or business, you won’t forget your arrival in a hurry.

4. Courchevel Airport, France

The opening of the 1995 James Bond classic Goldeneye features Pierce Brosnan as 007 taking a nose-dive, on a motorbike off the side of a mountain, which also happens to be at the end of a runway, after an unmanned, taxiing aircraft! Arguably
one of the most unforgettable pre-credit scenes in any Bond film, ever, and so is the runway where it was filmed – Courchevel International Airport, situated almost 2,000 metres above sea level in the French Alps. What’s more – the runway is one of the steepest in the world, with a gradient of 18.6%!

 5. Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

The Caribbean is synonymous with exclusive, luxury resorts and idyllic beaches.The airport on the Dutch side of the Dutch-French Island of St. Maarten has a relatively short runway to navigate, pilots fly extremely low over the beach as they descend onto runway 10. This makes for a memorable experience before you’ve even touched down.

No matter your destination, or chosen arrival airport, Air Charter Scotland provides an exceptional private jet experience that offers a tailored service to every client. With a fleet of luxury light to heavy jets. We have the experience and expertise
to make your journey unique and personal.

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