30 April 2021

After almost a year of staying home, travel is now permitted between England, Scotland and Wales. Even more encouraging is the indication that international travel from the UK may be possible to select destinations from as early as mid-May. So why not return to the skies in style by booking an empty leg flight with Air Charter Scotland?

What is an empty leg flight? 

A private jet empty leg is the term given to flights that are scheduled without any passengers. These operate when an aircraft needs to reposition for its next booked charter flight or to return to its home base.  Private jet charter is a bespoke travel solution and often the aircraft operator will not have a booking for the one-way charter matching its repositioning route and time. As such, the operator can offer the empty part of the flight at a discounted rate. 

What are the benefits of booking an empty leg flight?

Private jet empty leg flights cost significantly less than the full charter price. The price of an empty leg will vary according to the type of aircraft, number of passengers on board and the distance and time of travel. Travellers can usually save around 50% on regular charter rates by booking an empty leg flight, in some cases this can be as high as a 75% discount. 

The cost-saving does not detract from the experience of private jet travel. Private jet empty leg flights still offer:

  • Luxury. From spacious and comfy seats to the highest standards in customer care, with private jet empty leg flights the journey will feel as important as the destination. 
  • Efficiency. Whether it’s saving time when boarding or quicker travel times, private air travel will get you where you need to be faster. 
  • Safety. As past winner of BACA’s Passenger Charter Operator of the Year, it is no surprise that at Air Charter Scotland our flight safety record is second to none. Our passengers can rest assured that they are in the safest of hands. 
How to book a private jet empty leg with Air Charter Scotland?

Private jet empty legs are ideal for travellers looking for a one-way flight. They can be subject to change, but if your plans are flexible then empty leg flights can be a great way of experiencing private jet flight for a fraction of the price. Air Charter Scotland can offer private jet empty leg flights to a range of destinations both within the UK and abroad. Visit Empty Legs – Air Charter Scotland to book your luxury travel experience or sign up to our mailing list to receive our empty leg notifications.