Air Charter Scotland’s Sustainability Mission Report

1 March 2024

Through 2023 we continued to place sustainability at the core of our business and are continuously investing in programs to optimise operations and digitise processes throughout our organisation. To further demonstrate our commitment, the company has made a significant financial investment to global sustainability projects working with our sustainability partner SouthPole.

Throughout the past decade we have invested and supported a range of projects across the world, including:

● A biogas project in Banga, Thailand;
● A solar energy project in Vietnam;
● Cookstoves and clean energy projects in Haiti;
● The installation of a new hydropower dam in the Du River in the Hubei Province of China.

This commitment to sustainability is something we take seriously at Air Charter Scotland, so much so that it is written into our Environmental Policy. This communicates our commitment to comprehensive environmental management, defines the scope and key areas for address and is subject to annual review.

Our commitment has so far seen us:

  • Utilising low emission transport
  • Reducing paper use where possible & moving toward digital operations
  • using a sustainable supply chain
  • Maximise recycling where possible

It’s a sustainability journey that we are excited to continue into 2024 and beyond. And with the assistance and support of South Pole, we look forward to updating you on the projects we support.