Where is your journey taking you?

7 February 2024

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, the reasons we fly are as varied as the destinations we travel to. At Air Charter Scotland we strive to make each journey more than a flight, going the extra mile to provide an exclusive experience, everytime. 

As such, there’s no one size fits all solution when you charter with us. 

Best for –  European Ski Season

The European ski season traditionally runs from November to April. Countries such as Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria see an increase in visitors as they head to the slopes. 


The Cessna Citation XL is a popular, versatile mid-sized cabin class ideal for short to mid range flights. Its take off and landing capabilities allows this private jet access into many short runways. Accommodating up to eight passengers, it can reach Chambery in around 1 hour 30 minutes. 


The Citation Latitude is the first aircraft in its class to push the comfort level while keeping you connected. A low cabin altitude keeps you feeling refreshed while the generous baggage compartment is spacious enough to accommodate your luggage wherever you’re going. 

Best for – Transatlantic Travel

Crossing the Atlantic takes a little longer than reaching Europe, so comfort is perhaps even more important. Luckily, our fleet is capable of providing levels of luxury that you and your travel partners would expect. 


A highly advanced long-range jet, offering a largest-in-class cabin, galley and luggage capacity the Legacy 650 is great for larger groups to dine or rest in style.

It boasts a state-of-the-art sound system, premium seats and impressive low cabin noise ensuring maximum comfort for up to 13 passengers. 


The Praetor 600 is the world’s most disruptive and technologically advanced super-midsize private jet. 

From its class-leading cabin comfort, including best-in-class cabin altitude and standard HEPA filters to a best-in-class range, the Praetor 600 delivers enviable performance even in challenging airports. 

The Praetor 600 truly expands your journey and experience. 


The Dassault Falcon 7X is a technologically advanced business jet with an elegant, whisper-quiet executive cabin. 

From nose to tail, wingtip to wingtip, it is pure elegance, efficiency, and performance. The Falcon’s excellent nonstop range and unique ability to land at small airports gets its 16 passengers closer to their destination.

Whatever your next destination, make sure you enjoy the journey. Contact the Air Charter Scotland sales team on +44 (0) 203 598 5392 or email charterdesk@aircharterscotland.com