8 March 2023

Air Charter Scotland’s vision is to be a leading company in a net zero world. Sustainability is a priority for Air Charter Scotland and the broader aviation industry. Working with leading climate consultancy and project developer South Pole, Air Charter Scotland continues to progress towards a sustainable future for their business. By investing in programs to address their operations’ emission, while channelling critical finance to climate action projects that reduce CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Further steps towards sustainability

In further steps, the decision to compensate for every flight, means that all Air Charter Scotland’s flying is now helping to support a hydro power water project located on the Du River in the Hubei Province in China, which delivers clean electricity through the hydropower station and reduces pollution for the local community.

It is estimated that Aviation contributes to 2.5% of all global CO2 output. Air Charter Scotland’s goal for the future is to be fully carbon compensated across the entire business, leading to a Net Zero objective through emission reductions, carbon compensation through high quality carbon credits, and direct carbon capture in line with science. 

While measuring and compensating their carbon footprint to finance climate action has played a significant part in Air Charter Scotland’s environmental responsibility, they recognise that offsetting alone is not enough to achieve carbon neutrality. 

Sean Revez, Air Charter Scotland’s Sustainability Manager, said,

   “Air Charter Scotland is pushing to set a new standard for a reduced environmental impact, which is why we place sustainability at the core of our business. We are in a great position to make a change, and it is a company effort to make these changes together.’’

The company formed a sustainability employee team to enable them to integrate sustainability into everything they do, including business activities, to help them reach their goals. 

The team is continuously investing in programs to optimise operations and digitise processes throughout the organisation, both on the ground and with the fleet of aircraft, establishing a company-wide environmentally conscious culture. 


To further limit their environmental impact, Air Charter Scotland continues exploring additional Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) procurement opportunities worldwide and monitoring the development in this area. Promising an up to 80% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional jet fuel, SAF could help Air Charter Scotland accelerate their transition to more sustainable flying.

We were proud to have been recognised as an aviation sustainability leader in The Clean Sky Index by Equinox Charter. This index gives users a sustainability information system to provide fliers more control over their environmental impact when travelling.

Sean continues, “…Business Aviation assessments demonstrated, in general, some ground to cover. Yet, the work of companies like Air Charter Scotland in this segment is encouraging and are beginning to set the standards for others to follow.”

Innovation in aviation

There is much current innovation in sustainable aviation; Air Charter Scotland is excited to be a part of it and see the direct impact on the industry these changes are making.

As a leader in private charter, we understand that to drive a sustainable long-term recovery in the industry and to remain a priority across aviation’s value chain; we must continue to facilitate the global mission to achieve net zero by 2050.

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